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In most climates heating and cooling systems place large demands on the electrical power grid. This paper will discuss the concept of 'Energy Farming' harvesting and storing as a method of reducing these demands and their impact on the global climate.

Whilst 'Energy Farming 'is of interest as a means to reduce the required capacity from the electrical infrastructure, the discussion will extend to reducing the total installed cooling capacity and energy demand.

The paper will explore the relationship between mechanical cooling and electrical demand profiles and consider the benefits of storing energy. This will include traditional methods of thermal storage such as ice storage with unconventional operational regimes.

The use of 'Energy Farming 'is of particular importance in countries with expanding populations, increased energy demand and consumption.

The discussion will further extend to the increased use of renewable technologies such as wind power and solar power. A climate friendly building 'Farms Energy'.

Citation: ASHRAE Conference Papers, Las Vegas, NV