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This paper is based on findings resulting from ASHRAE Research Project RP-1362.

The capture and containment (C&C) exhaust ventilation rates for commercial cooking appliances currently published in the ASHRAE Applications Handbook, Kitchen Ventilation, Chapter 30 (ASHRAE, 2005) were obtained through a consensus of industry representatives, including hood manufacturers, appliance manufacturers, kitchen designers, and foodservice consultants. To support this consensus, the body of research regarding capture and containment to date has been significant. However, many appliance types have not been documented and others need review. The test matrix for the ASHRAE RP-1362 work statement identified 20 additional appliances to be tested with the goal of improving the heat gain information available in Table 5, Recommended Rates of Heat Gain from Typical Commercial Cooking Appliances, in Chapter 31 (ASHRAE, 2008) and provide expanded data for Chapter 30. To compliment the specified appliances, refrigeration equipment was added to the test matrix. The compilation of new capture and containment data, in parallel with new heat gain data, will support the efforts of ASHRAE in providing engineers with better design guidelines for commercial kitchen ventilation systems.


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