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The wider spread use of geothermal energy has been limited by the high initial cost of digging deep wells to obtain moderate temperature water for space and industrial process heat applications under 220°F (104°C). High temperature, industrial water-to-water heat pumps can be used with geothermal sources to lower costs. These heat pumps tap geothermal water in the 60 to 130°F (16 to 54°C) range, normally available from wells less than 3000 ft (0.9 km) deep, and amplify this heat to the 140 to 220°F (60 to 104°C) range usually required in a broad spectrum of processes, space heating and water heating applications.

The industrial heat pump can accelerate geothermal use by either (a) upgrading a geothermal source where the flow and/or temperature is inadequate or (b) obtaining higher temperatures without the expense or problems of drilling much deeper wells.