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Full Description

Component and Subassembly Mechanical Shock Test Method is intended to evaluate components in the free state and assembled to printed wiring boards for use in electrical equipment. The method is intended to determine the compatibility of components and subassemblies to withstand moderately severe shocks. The use of subassemblies is a means to test components in usage conditions as assembled to printed wiring boards. Mechanical Shock due to suddenly applied forces, or abrupt change in motion produced by handling, transportation or field operation may disturb operating characteristics, particularly if the shock pulses are repetitive. This is a destructive test intended for component qualification. This document also replaces JESD22-B104.

Document History

  1. JEDEC JESD22-B110B.01

    Mechanical Shock - Device and Subassembly

    • Most Recent
  2. JEDEC JESD22-B110B


    Mechanical Shock - Component and Subassembly

    • Historical Version
  3. JEDEC JESD22-B104C (R2009)


    • Historical Version
  4. JEDEC JESD 22-B110A (R2009)


    • Historical Version