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Full Description

Test Procedure 7D is a development test to evaluate the effects of external temperature exposures of individual packaged-products.
  • It can be used for the development of temperature controlled transport packages made of any material.
  • It can be used for individual or comparative performance analysis of standard or insulated transport packages against normally encountered conditions.
  • It is designed to measure the relative ability of a package to protect a product when exposed to test cycles of temperature conditions.
  • The product and package are considered together and not separately.
  • It is not intended to evaluate the protection afforded packaged-products from shock, vibration and/or compression.
CAUTION: The cycle profiles in 7D are general simulations not intended to represent a worst case temperature exposure. The profiles listed in this procedure are not based on current data-based research. Many variables affect the thermal and distribution performance of a package and the ambient exposure profile extremes found in the distribution environment for each distribution situation, therefore:
  • If testing is for compliance with specific government, industry, laboratory, validation or regulatory standards or guidelines that would supplement or supersede this procedure, it is the responsibility of the user to know and understand those requirements and use the proper procedure accordingly
  • ISTA strongly encourages the use of ISTA 7E over Procedure 7D. ISTA 7E was developed after a comprehensive survey of temperature ranges found in the parcel delivery system and is considered to be the best and most current simulation of the thermal environment.
  • ISTA 7E should be considered for thermal testing of insulated shipping containers in the parcel delivery system.