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Project 3K is a general simulation test for fast moving packaged consumer products shipped through the multiple-retail supply chain environment in Europe. Project 3K is appropriate for the range of packages commonly merchandised through large retailer stores and large retail chain convenience stores, and where retailer operations include shipment of store-specific mixed loads in roll cages or as mixed pallets. This retail environment is common within western European countries, including (but not exclusive to) Sweden, Norway, Denmark, UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Italy; thus the scope of this project applies primarily to these countries. The scope also applies to similarly developed European states that are not listed but where large multiple-retail environment infrastructure is developed. Note large multiple-retail environment infrastructure involving shipment of mixed-loads is growing in other European countries and so this project may also apply in those cases. Many European grocery packages are in shelf-ready format; this method applies equally to shelf ready and non-shelf ready packages.