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Full Description

ISO/TR 25901-3:2016 contains terms and definitions for welding processes, classified in accordance with their physical characteristics and to the relevant energy carrier.

It does not contain terms and definitions related to specific processes or particular aspects of welding and allied processes that are covered in other parts of this Technical Report (see Foreword) or in other ISO standards.

In the main body of this part of ISO/TR 25901, terms are arranged in a systematic order. Annex A provides an index in which all terms are listed alphabetically with reference to the appropriate subclause. In addition, it provides French translations, covering two of the three official ISO languages (English, French and Russian). German translations are also provided; these are published under the responsibility of the member body for Germany (DIN) and are given for information only.

NOTE 1 Only the terms given in the official languages (English, French and Russian) are to be considered as ISO terms and definitions.

NOTE 2 All these terms and definitions are also available on the ISO Online Browsing Platform (OBP):


Document History

  1. ISO/TR 25901-3:2016


    Welding and allied processes - Vocabulary - Part 3: Welding processes

    • Most Recent
  2. ISO/TR 25901:2007

    Welding and related processes - Vocabulary

    • Historical Version
  3. ISO 857-1:1998

    Welding and allied processes - Vocabulary - Part 1: Metal welding processes

    • Historical Version