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Full Description

The purpose of this part of ISO/IEC 16500 is to specify normative protocols and associated dynamic system behavior, including session and connection manipulation, configuration and download, for an ISO/IEC 16500 system. The emphasis is on the significant dynamic system entities (e.g., session control, call/connection control), the behavior of these entities (e.g., information flows, entity actions, parameters passed) and the allowable physical placement(s) of these entities in a DAVIC system (i.e., physical instances). As such, this part of ISO/IEC 16500 complements the static systems reference model described in ISO/IEC 16500-1, specifying normative dynamic behavior as well as specifying the protocol(s) required to realize this behavior.

The protocols themselves are specified primarily through the use of “Protocol Network Architecture” diagrams which visually illustrate, for each of the defined physical instances and application scenarios, the various protocol stacks which are to be used. Detailed specification of the individual protocol tools themselves (e.g., the detailed protocol messages used to realize the DAVIC dynamic flow behavior) is provided in ISO/IEC 16500-5 (mid- and higher layers) and ISO/IEC 16500-4 (lower layers) of this specification.

This results in instance specifications made up of building blocks from the DAVIC tool set organized in a manner describing a system which performs DAVIC functions.