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This Recommendation | International Standard defines a Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS) proforma for the detailed expression of the conformance requirements of ITU-T Rec. X.833 | ISO/IEC 11586-4 and Annex D of ITU-T Rec. X.830 | ISO/IEC 11586-1. This PICS proforma is in compliance with the relevant requirements, and in accordance with the relevant guidance for a PICS proforma, given in ITU-T Rec. X.291 and ISO/IEC 9646-2. Detail of the use of this proforma is provided in this Recommendation | International Standard. Implementations claiming conformance to ITU-T Rec. X.833 | ISO/IEC 11586-4 or Annex D of ITU-T Rec. X.830 | ISO/IEC 11586-1 shall complete the proforma as part of the conformance requirements. The level of detail required in the proforma exceeds that of the protocol specification by requiring details to uniquely identify the implementation and the supplier.