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Full Description

ISO 9917-2:2017 specifies requirements and test methods for water-based dental cements in which setting is achieved by a combination of an acid-base reaction and polymerization. The materials are intended for luting, base or lining, restoration and tooth core build up purposes.

EXAMPLE Conventional glass polyalkenoate cements are normally formed by reacting an ion-leachable aluminosilicate glass with a polyalkenoic acid in an aqueous environment. Materials that fall within the scope of this document will normally be able to effect setting by such an aqueous acid-base type reaction but in addition will be able to undergo setting by polymerization.

NOTE The attention of manufacturers and test laboratories is drawn to the closely-related International Standards ISO 4049 and ISO 9917-1 so that they can consider which is the most appropriate for evaluating any individual product.


Document History

  1. ISO 9917-2:2017


    Dentistry - Water-based cements - Part 2: Resin-modified cements

    • Most Recent
  2. ISO 9917-2:2010

    Dentistry - Water-based cements - Part 2: Resin-modified cements

    • Historical Version
  3. ISO 9917-2:1998

    Dental water-based cements -- Part 2: Light-activated cements

    • Historical Version
  4. ISO 9917:1991

    Dental water-based cements

    • Historical Version