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About This Item


Full Description

This International Standard describes methods of specifying and testing the following performance characteristics of manipulating industrial robots:

  • pose accuracy and pose repeatability;
  • multi-directional pose accuracy variation;
  • distance accuracy and distance repeatability;
  • position stabilization time;
  • position overshoot;
  • drift of pose characteristics;
  • exchangeability;
  • path accuracy and path repeatability;
  • path accuracy on reorientation
  • cornering deviations;
  • path velocity characteristics;
  • minimum posing time;
  • static compliance;
  • weaving deviations.

This International Standard does not specify which of the above performance characteristics are to be chosen for testing a particular robot. The tests described in this International Standard are primarily intended for developing and verifying individual robot specifications, but can also be used for such purposes as prototype testing, type testing or acceptance testing.

To compare performance characteristics between different robots, as defined in this International Standard, the following parameters have to be the same: test cube sizes, test loads, test velocities, test paths, test cycles, environmental conditions.

Annex A provides parameters specific for comparison testing of pose-to-pose characteristics and path characteristics.

This International Standard applies to all manipulating industrial robots as defined in ISO 8373. However, for the purpose of this International Standard the term “robot” means manipulating industrial robot.