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About This Item


Full Description

This part of ISO 7176 specifies a set-up procedure to be used in the preparation of adjustable wheelchairs for testing in accordance with the ISO 7176 series. This procedure gives methods to be used where there are no manufacturers' instructions for setting the wheelchair adjustments.

This part of ISO 7176 is applicable to manual wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs (including scooters) intended to provide indoor and/or outdoor mobility.

Other parts of ISO 7176 may give specific requirements for the adjustment of the wheelchair. In such cases, that individual part of ISO 7176 takes precedence over this part of ISO 7176.


Document History

  1. ISO 7176-22:2014

    Wheelchairs - Part 22: Set-up procedures

    • Most Recent
  2. ISO 7176-22:2000


    Wheelchairs -- Part 22: Set-up procedures

    • Historical Version