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ISO 17628:2015 specifies requirements for the Geothermal Response Test (GRT). This test comprises the in situ determination of the thermal conductivity in saturated and unsaturated soil and rock in a heat exchanger installed in a borehole. For this test, liquid heat transfer media not subjected to phase changes are used.

The thermal conductivity is an important parameter used in the design of thermal storage and thermal exchange systems.

A Geothermal Response Test measures the temperature response to a thermal energy forcing of a borehole heat exchanger (BHE) or the extraction of thermal energy from a borehole. The temperature response is related to the thermal parameters of the ground and borehole filling material, such as thermal conductivity and borehole resistivity, and is therefore used to obtain estimated or derived values of these parameters.

This International Standard applies to heat exchangers installed in vertical or inclined boreholes with length up to e.g. 400 m and with a diameter of up to 200 mm.