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Full Description

This International Standard gives guidelines on specific requirements of the ISO 9000 family of standards when applied to Measuring and Evaluation Bodies of stationary-structure vibration. This International Standard therefore is complementary to the quality standards of the ISO 9000 series and acts as an interface between the technical standard ISO 4866 and quality management standards.

The measurement and evaluation of vibration in structures is an important task on which may depend structure serviceability and man's comfort and/or safety. The different stages up to the final report are related to one another. In order to give confidence to the final results, it is necessary to assure the quality of execution of each stage.

This International Standard is applicable in contractual situations when certain capabilities to measure and evaluate vibration effects on structures have to be demonstrated.

This International Standard is applicable to different stages in the evaluation of vibration, as follows:

  • the contract review;
  • the choice of the method of investigation;
  • the choice of the measuring location;
  • the selection of the measuring equipment;
  • the data-processing procedure;
  • the elements for diagnosis.

Document History

  1. ISO 14964:2000


    Mechanical vibration and shock -- Vibration of stationary structures -- Specific requirements for quality management in measurement and evaluation of vibration

    • Most Recent
  2. ISO/DIS 14964:1999

    Mechanical Vibration and Shock - Vibration of Stationary Structures - Specific Requirements for Quality Management in Measurement and Evaluation of Vibration

    • Historical Version