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Full Description

This International Standard specifies two types of calibrating injectors intended for testing and setting diesel fuel injection pumps on test benches.

It applies to

  • calibrating injectors for different orifice plates, max. delivery range 400 mm3/stroke;
  • calibrating injectors with pintle type nozzle, max. delivery range 200 mm3/stroke.

The field of application is similar to the calibrating injectors specified in ISO 7440-1 and to the calibrating nozzle specified in ISO 4010.

Compared to the calibrating injector specified in ISO 7440-1, the calibrating injectors specified in this International Standard represent an advanced stage of design which is more appropriate to modern high pressure/high performance fuel injection systems.

Specification of the type of calibrating fuel injectors to be used, the appropriate single hole orifice plate size or pintle nozzle (as applicable), high pressure pipes, exact limits, etc. is left to the manufacturer of the injection equipment and/or the manufacturer of the engine.