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About This Item


Full Description

This International Standard provides guidance on human-centred design activities throughout the life cycle of computer-based interactive systems. It is aimed at those managing design processes and provides guidance on sources of information and standards relevant to the human-centred approach.

This International Standard is concerned with both hardware and software components of interactive systems.

This International Standard addresses the planning and management of human-centred design. It does not address all aspects of project management.

This International Standard provides an overview of human-centred design activities. It does not provide detailed coverage of the methods and techniques required for human-centred design, nor does it address health and safety aspects in detail.

The main users of this International Standard will be project managers. This International Standard therefore addresses technical human factors and ergonomics issues only to the extent necessary to allow managers to understand their relevance and importance in the design process as a whole. Such issues are dealt with more fully in ISO 9241 (see bibliography) which is complementary to this International Standard and is aimed at system developers, specifiers and purchasers of systems. Nonetheless, all parties involved in human-centred system development, including the end-users of systems, should find the guidance in this International Standard relevant.


Document History

  1. ISO 9241-210:2019

    Ergonomics of human-system interaction - Part 210: Human-centred design for interactive systems

    • Most Recent
  2. ISO 9241-210:2010

    Ergonomics of human-system interaction - Part 210: Human-centred design for interactive systems

    • Historical Version
  3. ISO 13407:1999


    Human-centred design processes for interactive systems

    • Historical Version