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This International Standard specifies a method for the absolute calibration of acoustic emission transducers. The aim of this International Standard is to establish uniformity of acoustic emission testing in order to form a basis for data correlation and to provide for the interpretation of results obtained by different laboratories at different times.

An accepted method for the calibration of acoustic emission transducers must be specified to characterize their behaviour.

This International Standard establishes a method for the primary calibration of acoustic emission transducers as receivers of elastic waves at the surface of a solid medium. The calibration yields the frequency response of a transducer to waves of the type normally encountered in acoustic emission work. The transducer voltage response is determined at discrete frequency intervals of approximately 10 kHz up to 1 MHz. The input is a given well-established dynamic displacement of the mounting surface. The units of the calibration are output voltage per unit mechanical input (displacement, velocity or acceleration). This International Standard is applicable to secondary standard transducers and to acoustic emission applications transducers.