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Full Description

This International Standard specifies symbols, definitions and conventions related to motorcycle and motorcycle-rider motions and kinematics and to the modelling thereof.

It does not deal with methods of measurement, nor with the units used in reporting the results, nor with accuracy.

The provisions of this International Standard apply to two-wheeled motorcycles as defined in ISO 3833.

This International Standard does not cover road motorcycles which are controlled by a pedestrian or which are used for the carriage of goods to the exclusion of persons.

This International Standard specifies terms, definitions and symbols for the following systems, parts and

  • aspects:
  • steering system (clause 3)
  • suspension system (clause 4)
  • tyres and wheels (clause 5)
  • basic principles of axis systems and kinematics (clause 6)
  • directional dynamics (clause 7)
  • motorcycle motion characteristics (clause 8)
  • aerodynamic characteristics of the motorcycle-rider combination (clause 9)
  • riding postures and behaviours (clause 10)
  • tests (clause 11).

Amendments, rulings, supplements, and errata

  1. ISO 11838/Amd1:2011

    Motorcycle and motorcycle-rider kinematics - Vocabulary - Amendment 1