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Full Description

This International Standard presents typical flexible rotor configurations in accordance with their characteristics and balancing requirements, describes balancing procedures, specifies methods of assessment of the final state of unbalance, and gives guidance on balance quality criteria.

This International Standard may also be applicable to serve as a basis for more involved investigations, for example when a more exact determination of the required balance quality is necessary. If due regard is paid to the specified methods of manufacture and limits of unbalance, satisfactory running conditions can be expected.

This International Standard is not intended to serve as an acceptance specification for any rotor, but rather to give indications of how to avoid gross deficiencies and/or unnecessarily restrictive requirements.

The subject of structural resonances and modifications thereof is outside the scope of this International Standard.

The methods and criteria given are the result of experience with general industrial machinery. They may not be directly applicable to specialized equipment or to special circumstances. Therefore, there may be cases where deviations from this International Standard may be necessary1).


Amendments, rulings, supplements, and errata

  1. ISO 11342/Cor1:2000


    Mechanical vibration - Methods and criteria for the mechanical balancing of flexible rotors TECHNICAL CORRIGENDUM 1