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Full Description

This document specifies recommended limits for manual lifting, lowering and carrying while taking into account the intensity, the frequency and the duration of the task. It is designed to provide requirements and recommendations on the assessment of several task variables, allowing the health risks for the working population to be evaluated.

This document applies to manual handling of objects with a mass of 3°kg or more and to moderate walking speed, i.e. 0,5°m/s to 1,0°m/s on a horizontal level surface.

This document is based on an 8°h working day, but also covers more prolonged working times, up to 12°h. It also addresses the analysis of combined lifting, lowering and carrying tasks in a shift during a day.

This document does not cover the holding of objects (without walking), the pushing or pulling of objects or manual handling while seated. The pushing and pulling of objects are covered in the other parts of the ISO°11228 series.

This document does not cover handling people or animals. (For further information on handling people, refer to ISO/TR 12296.)

This document does not address the manual lifting of objects while using lift-assistive devices such as exoskeletons and does not address the needs of pregnant women or persons with disabilities.


Document History

  1. ISO 11228-1:2021


    Ergonomics - Manual handling - Part 1: Lifting, lowering and carrying

    • Most Recent
  2. ISO 11228-1:2003

    Ergonomics - Manual handling - Part 1: Lifting and carrying

    • Historical Version