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Full Description

ANSI/ISA-TR96.05.01 is limited to automated valves normally operating in either a full open or full closed position and provides guidance on the following:
  • Identifying when partial stroke testing may be useful

  • Various criteria to consider when selecting the partial stroke method, e.g., automated versus manual test execution, spurious trip potential, and on-line maintainability

  • The advantages and disadvantages of three basic types of partial stroke test methods: mechanical limiting, positioners, and solenoid operated valves

  • The use of diagnostic coverage factors in the performance calculations for an automated block valve being partial stroke tested periodically

Document History

  1. ISA TR96.05.01-2017

    Partial Stroke Testing of Automated Block Valves

    • Most Recent
  2. ISA TR96.05.01-2008


    Partial Stroke Testing of Automated Block Valves

    • Historical Version