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One of ISA's most popular electronic formats has been expanded to include Visio Smart Shapes. This CD-ROM provides symbols from the ISA standards S5.1, S5.2, S5.3 and S5.4, converting the graphic symbols for instruments into clip-art files that can inserted into P&IDs, loop diagrams and other documents. The symbols are furnished in .DWG, .WMP, and .DXF file formats, allowing them to be employed with Visio, AutoCAD, and most other CAD software platforms, plus many other software applications (word processing, spreadsheet, etc.).

P&ID ClipSymbols is a must for engineering and construction firms, instrument engineers and technicians, and anyone else who develops P&IDs.

System Requirements: CD-ROM, IBM-compatible, hardware/software that can utilize files in the formats listed above. Occupies 1 MB of hard disk space. One CD-ROM.