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About This Item


Full Description

Establishes minimum criteria for the control of levels, pressures, and flow for the safe and reliable operation of drum-type feedwater systems in fossil power plants. Aids in the development of design specifications covering the measurement and control of feedwater systems. The following requirements are defined for minimum system design:

  • process measurement requirements;
  • control and logic requirements;
  • final control device requirements;
  • system reliability and availability;
  • alarm requirements; and
  • operator interface.

The safe physical containment of the feedwater shall be in accordance with applicable piping codes and standards and is beyond the scope of this standard.


Document History

  1. ISA 77.42.01-1999 (R2011)


    Fossil Fuel Power Plant Feedwater Control System - Drum-Type

    • Most Recent
  2. ISA 77.42.01-1999

    Fossil Fuel Power Plant Feedwater Control System - Drum Type

    • Historical Version