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Full Description

This standard addresses alarm systems for facilities in the process industries to improve safety, quality, and productivity. The general principles and processes in this standard are intended for use in the lifecycle management of an alarm system based on programmable electronic controller and computer-based Human-Machine Interface (HMI) technology. Implementation of this standard should consider alarms from all systems presented to the operator, which may include basic process control systems, annunciator panels, safety instrumented systems, fire and gas systems, and emergency response systems.

The practices in this standard are applicable to continuous, batch, and discrete processes. There may be differences in implementation to meet the specific needs based on process type.

Document History

  1. ISA 18.2-2016

    Management of Alarm Systems for the Process Industries

    • Most Recent
  2. ISA 18.2-2009


    Management of Alarm Systems for the Process Industries

    • Historical Version