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IPC-2221 includes the original publication plus the Amendment 1 release. IPC-2221 is the foundation document for the rest of the documents in the IPC-2220 series. IPC-2221 establishes the generic requirements for the design of organic printed boards and other forms of component mounting or interconnecting structures, whether single-sided, double-sided or multilayer. Materials may be homogeneous, reinforced, or used in combination with inorganic materials. The inclusion of Amendment 1 provides expanded coverage of plated-through hole test specimens in addition to a new test specimen for bending flexibility and endurance of flexible printed wiring applications. Includes updated figures for etched conductor characteristics and printed board size standardization. The IPC-2220 series supersedes IPC-D-275. Some substantial additions to the IPC-D-275 include thermal management, guidelines for V-groove scoring, an expanded laminates section, updated dimensioning requirements and a formula for determining foil web size. Original document is 97 pages. Released March 1998. Amendment 1 is 16 pages. Released January 2000.

Document History

  1. IPC 2221B

    Generic Standard on Printed Board Design

    • Most Recent
  2. IPC 2221A

    Generic Standard on Printed Board Design

    • Historical Version
  3. IPC 2221-KIT


    Generic Standard on Printed Board Design, Includes Amendment 1

    • Historical Version