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Full Description

This specification is applicable to burnt clay and shale bricks of the following classifications: 1. facing bricks, 2 common bricks 3. clinker bricks. Briquettes, heelers or other special bricks, intended for use in normal building construction, shall also comply with the clauses of this specification, as appropriate, except clause 6 - dimensions; they shall, however, be subject to proportional tolerances in respect of their own particular dimensions. Bricks for engineering applications are not covered by this specification.

Document History

  1. AS/NZS 4455.1:2008

    Masonry units, pavers, flags and segmental retaining wall units, Part 1: Masonry units

    • Most Recent
  2. AS/NZS 4455:1997

    Masonry units and segmental pavers

    • Historical Version
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    Calcium silicate building bricks

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    Clay building bricks

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    Concrete masonry units

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    Burnt clay and shale building bricks

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    Calcium silicate bricks Metric Units

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    Concrete building blocks

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    Concrete building blocks (metric units)

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    Sand-lime (calcium silicate) bricks

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    Specification for burnt clay and shale building bricks

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    Concrete blocks for masonry construction

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    Interim Specification for Burnt Clay and Shale Building Bricks

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    Housing Specification (Interim Series) for Sand-Lime (Calcium Silicate) Bricks

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    Housing Specification (Interim Series) for Precast Concrete Masonry Units

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    Specification for building bricks

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