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The TIM Foundation has stated in the Innovation Maturity Model, that to have effective and sustained innovation in any organization a fully developed and implemented Innovation Management System is required. We also realize there is much commitment and effort required to develop, implement and continually improve a well-built Innovation Management System. People need simple, pre-defined templates and guidance as a starting point. This insight has led to the development of the Innovation Lite program, which is an easy way to go on the innovation management journey.

Innovation Lite is a low threshold entry level approach to structured innovation that can be adopted by any type or size of organization. The program has a solid foundation aligned with key requirements of the Innovation Maturity Model.

Organizations can build on Innovation Lite and use it as a pre-cursor to a full-fledged Innovation Management System. In this handbook the six elements of innovation management are reviewed in their relationship to innovation management at a high level which includes culture, Leadership, Resources, Processes, Monitoring and Measuring, and Improvement.

A focus is placed on the three phases of the innovation cycle and their implementation better known as the Front-End (Discovery), Middle (Development) and Back-End (Deployment) of innovation.

The handbook provides hands-on instruction for learning and implementing Innovation Lite. It is also a valuable reference publication with direct links to the TIM-PD-001-STD Innovation Management Standard and its body of knowledge. We suggest that you read this handbook in full prior to attempting to implement any innovation activities.