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Full Description

Building on the solid foundations of its internationally recognized predecessor, the new 7th edition of BICSI's Information Technology Systems Installation Methods Manual (ITSIMM) continues to be the go-to guide for the knowledge and specifics on performing the wide range of installation tasks safely and effectively. The 7th edition, a product of the combined talents, knowledge and insight of a dedicated group of subject matter experts, contains more than 1,100 pages of cutting-edge material. Care was taken to reflect recent trends and advancements within ICT cabling and applications, such as Category 8/Class I/II cabling, adoption of data center/mission-critical facility methods within common installations, and the increasing commonality of support required by systems that sustain building functions. At the core of the manual are the specifics of performing installation, from laying out communications spaces and installation requisite pathways, to pulling, terminating and testing cabling. Important topics of firestopping and bonding cabling infrastructure to the grounding system are also present, continuing to focus on providing safe systems after installation is complete. The ITSIMM, 7th edition, concludes with a revised and updated section on specialty systems, such as building automation, ESS and wireless, as well as chapters on project management and retrofits.

The ITSIMM, 7th edition, is comprised of 11 chapters, three appendices, a detailed and comprehensive glossary and chapter-specific bibliography:
  • Principles of Transmission
  • Structured Cabling Systems
  • General Safety Practices
  • Space Preparation and Cabling Support Systems
  • Cable Installation
  • Testing Cable and Troubleshooting
  • Firestopping Practices
  • Bonding and Grounding (Earthing) and Electrical Protection
  • Specialty Systems Installation
  • Project Management
  • Retrofits and Upgrades
  • Codes, Standards, Regulations and Organizations
  • Legal Considerations
  • Project Documentation Examples Who Should Purchase?
  • Cabling installers
  • Students of BICSI installation courses*
  • Those working to achieve any of the BICSI Installer or Technician credentials
Two-Time Award of Excellence Winner! BICSI's ITSIMM, 6th edition, received the prestigious 2012 International Award of Excellence from the Society for Technical Communication (STC) and a 2012 Award of Excellence from the Florida Chapter Society for Technical Communication.

Document History

  1. Information Technology Systems Installation Methods Manual, 7th Edition


    Information Technology Systems Installation Methods Manual, 7th Edition

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  2. Information Technology Systems Installation Methods Manual - 6th Edition

    Information Technology Systems Installation Methods Manual - 6th Edition

    • Historical Version