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Full Description

1 Scope

This standard specifies a concept and data format for representation of the human voice at the raw-data level with optional inclusion of nonstandardized extended data. It does not address handling of data that has been processed to the feature or voice model levels.

The data format is generic in that it may be applied to and used in a wide range of application areas where automated and human-to-human SIV is performed. No application-specific requirements, equipment, or features are addressed in this standard. Through its XML orientation, this standard does, however, reflect recognition of the overwhelming dominance of the VoiceXML standard in speech processing and associated XML-based standards.

This standard contains definitions of relevant terms, a description of the basic speaker-recognition Session, a data format for containing the data, and conformance information.

SIV applications and engines utilize adaptation to automatically update the information in a reference model. Despite its value, representing adaptation lies outside of the bounds of this standard because it operates on voice model data and this standard focuses on raw data transmission.

Document History

  1. INCITS 456-2010


    Information Technology - Speaker Recognition Format for Raw Data Interchange (SIVR-1)

    • Most Recent
  2. INCITS 456 Draft 3

    Information technology - Speaker Recognition Format for Raw Data Interchange (SIVR-1)

    • Historical Version