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Full Description

1. Scope and Purpose
1.1 Scope

This standard provides a physical specification with similar electronic characteristics to Proximity Integrated Circuit Cards (PICCs), such as those specified within ISO/IEC 14443-2 and 3. The physical card thickness (finished card body) formats, are defined within this specification and may also have references to both ISO/IEC 7810:2012 (ID1-Identification cards), INCITS 440 (Card Life Cycle), and ISO/IEC 15457 for thin flexible cards and other thickness dimensions as called out in this standard. Construction attributes, pertaining to the materials, functionality, and environmental requirements and the targeted use of these cards are also specified. This type of PICC is to be classified as a Limited Use ? Proximity Integrated Circuit Card (LU-PICC).

1.2 Purpose

This Standard provides for LU-PICCs that are designed to satisfy the need for a minimal cost contactless smart card or an electronic paper ticket as a form of electronic media. These LU-PICCs have limited features and defined life cycle expectations, while providing core electronic interface technology compatible with the established and latest published ISO/IEC 14443-1, -2, and -3 parts of the standard where PICCs are designed to accommodate other application requirements. (Optionally), ISO/IEC 14443-4 may be implemented if no other specifications within this document are compromised. Further, this LU-PICC specification is not intended for applications where card life-cycle requirements are significant (The intended application of the Limited Use PICC is for use of a duration no greater than six (6) months or where extensive and high-security applications are not required or intended. The life cycle may be extended, where a twelve (12)-month period of usage is required if the card is constructed of a thin plastic or composite material allowing for this greater life expectancy.) This class of PICC may be applied to any application that requires a low-cost RFID ISO/IEC 14443 compliant technology. Example applications include: private and public transit systems requiring electronic ticketing, building security access systems, retail, as well as many other applications that are not provided for through the international standards forum. The LU-PICC also provides for a companion card to the standard PICC where full-featured-long-term cards are required. Alternatively, a cost-effective short-term card may provide for a more cost-effective product offering for both the users and system providers who require only a limited amount of usage. Both cards operate on the same proximity coupled reader (PCD), providing for a signal technology acceptance system.

Document History

  1. INCITS 410:2015


    Information technology - Identification cards - Limited Use (LU), Proximity Integrated Circuit Card (PICC)

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  2. INCITS 410:2006

    Information technology - Information technology - Identification cards -Limited Use (LU), Proximity Integrated Circuit Card (PICC)

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