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This standard specifies physical as well as other relative specifications for Identification Cards - Limited Use (LU), Proximity Integrated Circuit Card (PICC). This standard permits LU-PICCs to achieve low-cost physical and electrical interoperability that is necessary for common card end-point dispensing and electrical interfacing.

This standard does not contain material related to test methods, but does contain various requirements in which the LU-PICC will be subjected. In addition, this standard does not contain application-applied card data formats.


Document History

  1. INCITS 410:2015

    Information technology - Identification cards - Limited Use (LU), Proximity Integrated Circuit Card (PICC)

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  2. INCITS 410:2006


    Information technology - Information technology - Identification cards -Limited Use (LU), Proximity Integrated Circuit Card (PICC)

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