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Full Description

This standard describes the framing and signaling requirements. The Physical Interface requirements are described in Fibre Channel-Physical Interfaces (FC-PI). This standard is recommended for new implementations but does not obsolete the existing Fibre Channel standards.

This standard describes the framing and signaling interface of a high performance serial link for support of FC-4s associated with upper level protocols (e.g., SCSI, IP, SBCCS, VI).

FC-FS (along with FC-PI) is the combination of the FC-PH [1], its amendments 1 [2] and 2 [3], FC-PH-2 [4] and FC-PH-3 [5] standards. This standard also deletes or obsoletes outdated functions and features from those standards. This standard includes additional link services in support of new functions defined by the Fibre Channel family of documents and includes improvements and clarifications to the definitions of existing services as dictated by experience with existing implementations. This standard also defines and includes other capabilities that shall improve the performance of existing Fibre Channel products and fit those products for new applications.

Document History

  1. INCITS 373


    Information Technology -Fibre Channel Framing and Signaling Interface (FC-FS)

    • Most Recent
  2. INCITS 230-1994

    Information Technology - Fibre Channel Physical and Signalling Interface (FC-PH) (formerly ANSI X3.230-1994)

    • Historical Version