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IICRC S100 establishes minimum standards for professional on-location cleaning of installed textile floor coverings. In so doing, it must acknowledge the critical role played by consumers in selecting and maintaining those floor coverings prior to the need for such professional cleaning. For this reason, the actual standards for cleaning are preceded by information on the importance of pre-cleaning maintenance, ways in which consumers may evaluate the qualification of professional cleaners, basic principles of cleaning, and the necessity for thorough pre-cleaning and post-cleaning inspections. Once these points are covered, standards for the application of the five common on-location cleaning methods (or variations thereof) are outlined. No attempt is made to evaluate the strength or weaknesses of individual cleaning methods or to compare or contract one method with another.

Document History

  1. IICRC S100-2015

    Standard for Professional Cleaning of Textile Floor Coverings

    • Most Recent
  2. IICRC S100-2002


    Standard Reference Guide for Professional On-Location Cleaning of Installed Textile Floor Covering Materials

    • Historical Version