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Full Description

Industrial facilities can at times be hazardous environments; special-case needs and considerations should be given in general for safety, general lighting, moving components, and supplemental, task, safety and emergency lighting. Emergency egress can at times be very time consuming due to workstation requirements.
The primary purpose of this standard is to serve as a guide and educational tool for the design of permanently installed lighting systems for industrial facilities. This Recommended Practice deals entirely with lighting and does not give advice on the construction of a facility.
The scope of this practice covers the design of new indoor and outdoor lighting systems for new industrial facilities as well as the redesign of lighting systems in existing industrial facilities. Recommendations are based on quality lighting practices, including: the safe movement of vehicles and people, enhancing the productivity and comfort of employees, conserving energy, and minimizing maintenance. Recommended minimum maintained lighting levels and maximum uniformity ratio guidelines are provided but are subject to variation for special circumstances when based upon sound engineering judgment.


Document History

  1. IES RP-7-21


    Recommended Practice: Lighting Industrial Facilities, Includes Errata 1 (2021)

    • Most Recent
  2. IES RP-7-20

    Recommended Practice: Lighting Industrial Facilities

    • Historical Version
  3. IES RP-7-17

    Recommended Practice for Lighting Industrial Facilities

    • Historical Version
  4. IES RP-7-01

    Lighting Industrial Facilities

    • Historical Version