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The intent of this Recommended Practice is to address the design issues related to outdoor lighting. It also outlines the environmental considerations of outdoor lighting especially related to sky glow and light trespass. In addition, this RP provides information on how to assign lighting zones. Finally, this RP dicusses community based design, and specific recommendations for lighting outdoor areas.

When approaching any lighting project, the first decision that should be resolved is what type of lighting is necessary and appropriate. The prime concern should be to satisfy requirements for outdoor lighting that will:
  • Permit reasonable uses of outdoor lighting for night-time safety, utility, security, productivity, enjoyment, and commerce
  • Conserve energy and resources to the greatest extent possible
  • Minimize adverse offsite impacts including glare and obtrusive light
  • Help protect the natural environment from the adverse effects of night lighting from electric sources
  • Help preserve the dark night sky for astronomy and enjoyment

Document History

  1. IES LP-11-20

    Lighting Practice: Environmental Considerations for Outdoor Lighting

    • Most Recent
  2. IES RP-33-14


    Lighting for Exterior Environments

    • Historical Version
  3. IES RP-33-99

    Lighting for Exterior Environments

    • Historical Version