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This recommended practice provides specific and contextual well-being metrics that facilitate the use of a Well-Being Impact Assessment (WIA) process in order to proactively increase and help safeguard human well-being throughout the lifecycle of autonomous and intelligent systems (A/IS).


This recommended practice provides A/IS creators (designers, developers, engineers, programmers, and others) with impact-related insights that should be taken into account throughout the lifecycle of any A/IS to increase and help safeguard human well-being at the individual, population, and societal levels.


New IEEE Standard - Active. The impact of artificial intelligence or autonomous and intelligent systems (A/IS) on humans is measured by this standard. The positive outcome of A/IS on human well-being is the overall intent of this standard. Scientifically valid well-being indices currently in use and based on a stakeholder engagement process ground this standard. Product development guidance, identification of areas for improvement, risk management, performance assessment, and the identification of intended and unintended users, uses and impacts on human well-being of A/IS are the intents of this standard.