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Correcting typos in Equations 15 and 16 of IEEE 516-2021


The purpose of this guide is to a) Present, in one guide, sufficient details of some of the methods and equipment presently in use to enable the performance of energized line maintenance with maximum safety. b) Direct attention to appropriate standards and other documents for the acquisition of knowledge on the inspection, care, and use of required tools and equipment. c) Provide guidance for establishing an appropriate work area, taking into consideration safety and the physical effects of the work area on personnel. It is not intended that this guide should replace present proven utility practices or imply that these recommendations are superior to existing practices and, therefore, should be universally adopted as utility standards. This compilation of many accepted practices is presented specifically in the form of a guide to be used by those electric utilities and agencies that are seeking guidance in establishing methods and procedures for maintenance of energized power lines.


Corrigendum Standard - Active - Draft. This corrigendum provides corrections to typographical errors in two equations of 516-2021.