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This guide is primarily concerned with the grounding system design for photovoltaic solar power plants that are utility owned and/or utility scale (5 MW or greater). The focus of the guide is on differences in practices from substation grounding as provided in IEEE Std 80. This guide is not intended for the substations to interconnect the plant; however if the substation is included within the plant, portions of this guide may be applicable. Similarly, this guide does not directly cover small scale solar power plants (such as rooftop type systems), substation grounding, or lightning.


The intent of this guide is to provide guidance and information pertinent to the grounding practices in solar power plants for personnel protection, specifically to identify differences between substation grounding (covered under IEEE Std 80) and solar power plants. This guide is primarily concerned with safe grounding practices within solar power plants for 50 Hz or 60 Hz systems.


New IEEE Standard - Active - Draft.