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This standard specifies:1) The encapsulation of digitized radio In-phase Quadrature (IQ) payload, possible vendor specific and control data channels/flows into an encapsulating Ethernet frame payload field.2) The header format for both structure-aware and structure-agnostic encapsulation of existing digitized radio transport formats. The structure-aware encapsulation has detailed knowledge of the encapsulated digitized radio transport format content. The structure-agnostic encapsulation is only a container for the encapsulated digitized radio transport frames.3) A structure-aware mapper for Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) frames and payloads to/from Ethernet encapsulated frames. The structure-agnostic encapsulation is not restricted to CPRI.


This standard enables the transfer of In-phase Quadrature (IQ) user-plane data, vendor specific data, and control and management (C&M) information channels across an Ethernet-based packet-switched network. The standard fosters interoperability among implementations by defining framing, the encapsulation of the information, and a common Ethernet Type for Radio over Ethernet (RoE) purposes.


New IEEE Standard - Active - Draft. This standard defines the encapsulation and mapping of radio protocols for transport over Ethernet frames, using Radio over Ethernet (RoE). Structure-agnostic definitions are provided for any digitized radio data. Structure-aware definitions are provided for the Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI TM 1, 2). Native mode definitions are provided for digitized radio In-4 phase Quadrature (I/Q) payload.