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This guide will provide testing methods for impedance measurement of alternating current (AC) transmission line and calculating methods for the RLC (Resistance, Inductance, and Capacitance) distribution parameters of the tested line. It will also provide testing and calculating methods to obtain mutual inductance and coupling capacitance between double circuit lines on same tower. This guide will outline the measuring instruments and the safety of the measurement. In addition, it will include test procedures to obtain the open circuit impedances of the tested line as well as the formulas to get the distributed parameters from impedance measurements.


The accurate parameter of power transmission line is the basis of precise power flow calculations, stability analysis, protective settings, and line fault location. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a uniform standard to provide technical guidance for the accurate line parameter measurement of ac transmission lines.


New IEEE Standard - Active. In this guide, the field testing methodology and techniques are presented for measuring electrical parameters of AC transmission lines. The topics will include safety precautions; requirements for measuring instruments; measurement of induced voltage and current; phase verification and insulation resistance measurement; DC resistance measurement; off-line parameter measurement of symmetrical transmission line; off-line parameter measurement of asymmetrical transmission lines; eliminating power frequency interference during off-line measurement; zero-sequence parameter measurement with adjacent lines in operation and on-line parameter measurement of transmission lines.