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This standard covers technical requirements and practical guidelines for the supervision and test methods of wind-turbine rotor systems, which includes rotor blade, hub, pitch, and yaw system.


Currently, several countries in the world have accumulated mature experience in wind turbine construction and have written standards and specifications. However, those standards and specifications do not address supervision of the wind turbine technology, notably after wind turbines are initially put into use. As a significant part of the wind turbine, the rotor system has a critical impact on the safe and economical operation of wind turbine. Consequently, specifying a supervision standard for the rotor system of wind turbine is urgent. Further, such a standard is also helpful for monitoring the operation status of wind turbine.


New IEEE Standard - Active. As a significant part of wind turbine, the rotor system of wind turbine has the functions of transforming wind energy, and balancing power, load and noise, it is critical to the wind turbine safety and economical operation. A rotor system consists of blade, hub, pitch system and yaw system. A technical supervision code for each part of the rotor system to improve the safety and normal operation is specified in this standard.