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    • P1680.6/D19, Sept 2017 - UNAPPROVED DRAFT
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This standard defines environmental performance criteria for complex set top boxes including energy efficiency, reduction or elimination of environmentally sensitive materials, materials selection, design for end of life, lifecycle extension, end of life management, corporate performance, and packaging.


This standard for complex set top boxes is part of the IEEE 1680 family of standards that provides a clear and consistent set of performance criteria for the design of electronic products, and provides an opportunity to secure market recognition for efforts to reduce the environmental impact of electronic products. This complex set top box standard is intended to provide a tool for government, institutional, corporate and consumer purchasers. Product manufacturers may use this tool to earn recognition in these markets, recognizing that certain criteria may not be applicable to all types of purchasers.The environmental performance criteria of this standard are intended to define a measure of environmental leadership in: the design and manufacture of complex set top boxes; the delivery of specified services that are associated with the sale of the product; and associated corporate performance characteristics. This standard is defined with the intention that the criteria are technically feasible to achieve, but that only products demonstrating the leading environmental performance currently available in the marketplace would meet them at the time of their adoption. As the environmental performance of products that are available in the marketplace improves, it is intended that the criteria will be updated and revised to set a higher performance standard for leadership products.


New IEEE Standard - Active - Draft. IEEE Std 1680.6-2015 was developed due to a growing demand by purchasers for an easy-to-use evaluation tool that allows the comparison and selection of electronic products based on environmental performance.