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This standard describes an eXtensible Markup Language (XML) schema1 for meta-data documentingintellectual property (IP) used in the development, implementation, and verification of electronic systems and an application programming interface (API) to provide tool access to the meta-data. This schema provides a standard method to document IP that is compatible with automated integration techniques. The API provides a standard method for linking tools into a system development framework, enabling a more flexible, optimized development environment. Tools compliant with this standard will be able to interpret,configure, integrate, and manipulate IP blocks that comply with the IP meta-data description. The standard is based on version 1.4 IP-XACT of The SPIRIT Consortium. The standard is independent of any specific design processes. It does not cover those behavioral characteristics of the IP that are not relevant to integration.


This standard enables the creation and exchange of IP in a highly automated design environment


- Active.