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About This Item


Full Description


This application guide covers surges entering an electric generating plant via transmission and distribution lines and methods to reduce them as well as methods of protecting indoor and outdoor equipment, controls, and communication systems within the plant switchyard, the plant proper, and ancillary facilities within the premises (such as fuel, ash, water, cooling, weather and warning systems) against direct strokes, incoming surges, and internally generated surges.


This application guide aids engineers at all levels of surge protection knowledge to decide whether particular generating plants or parts of plants should have surge protection. The guide may be used in estimating the lightning surge and switching surge exposure of electric generating plants in usual, not extreme, exposures. For plants or parts of plants that should be protected, the purpose of this document is to provide guidance in selecting and applying surge protective devices (SPDs).


Revision Standard - Active. This guide consolidates most electric utility power industry practices, accepted theories, existing standards/guides, definitions, and technical references as they specifically pertain to surge protection of electric power generating plants. Where technical information is not readily available, guidance is provided to aid toward proper surge protection and to reduce interference to communication, control, and protection circuits due to surges and other overvoltages. It has to be recognized that this application guide approaches the subject of surge protection from a common or generalized application viewpoint. Complex applications of surge protection practices may require specialized study by experienced engineers.

Document History

  1. IEEE C62.23-2017


    IEEE Application Guide for Surge Protection of Electric Generating Plants

    • Most Recent
  2. IEEE C62.23-1995

    IEEE Application Guide for Surge Protection of Electric Generating Plants

    • Historical Version