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The scope of this recommended practice is to identify the means for timely and efficient exchange of information between manufacturers and users of protection-related equipment with respect to (1) changes in device firmware and (2) the impact of those changes. It will also include an examination of the technical and operational ramifications resulting from changes in the device firmware. Only hardware changes that impact firmware changes will be included.


The purpose of this recommended practice is to facilitate the exchange of information between manufacturers and users of microprocessor-based protection equipment on the changes in the firmware and the impact those changes will have in the performance of the devices.


New IEEE Standard - Active. Reaffirmed March 2012. This recommended practice deals with the implications surrounding the use and administration of firmware revisions for protection-related equipment. In general, the number of firmware revisions have become prolific since the introduction of microprocessor-based protection related equipment and no standard means of dealing with the issues surrounding this situation has been addressed. This recommended practice attempts to provide guidelines for the effective communication of firmware-related issues with the intent of helping to maximize the security and reliability of the power system.