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This guide identifies and summarizes circuit breaker manufacturera??s information that knowledgeable users will find useful for the receipt, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance, and decommissioning of high-voltage (>1000 V) circuit breakers. This guide recommends categories and an arrangement for the presentation of information in circuit breaker instruction manuals.


The purpose of the document is to provide guidance for authors and those who specify instruction manuals for high-voltage circuit breakers. The instruction manual structured format will allow knowledgeable users a means to effectively and quickly find the information they need - To receive, install, and commission, new high-voltage circuit breakers - To operate, inspect, maintain, and repair high-voltage circuit breakers throughout their life - To decommission the high-voltage circuit breaker at the end of life


New IEEE Standard - Superseded. This Guide provides a recommended table of contents for high-voltage circuit breaker instruction manuals. The Guide provides a listing of information that will help a knowledgeable user receive, install, commission, operate, and maintain circuit breakers. Recommended additional material is described in clause 5 for circuit breakers that are intended for high-voltage, free-standing installations. Drawout circuit breakers used in switchgear are excluded from Clause 5 requirements. Circuit breakers used in Gas Insulated Switchgear installations are excluded from this guide. This Guide in no way replaces the manufacturera??s instruction manual which is to be used for safe and effective utilization of the circuit breaker. This Guide helps organize instruction manual information in a consistent and user friendly manner.

Document History

  1. IEEE C37.12.1-2018

    IEEE Recommended Practice for Instruction Manual Content of AC High-Voltage Circuit Breakers above 1000 V

    • Most Recent
  2. IEEE C37.12.1-2007


    IEEE Guide for High-Voltage (>1000 V)Circuit Breaker Instruction Manual Content

    • Historical Version