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This guide documents present practices regarding the application of automatic reclosing control to line circuit breakers. Both transmission and distribution line practices are addressed. The guide is not intended to provide guidance for the operation of the bulk power system in matters of reclosing, such as enabling or disabling automatic reclosing or providing for manual closures following automatic tripping of an element.


The guide provides benefits of automatic reclosing and provides application considerations for proper coordination with other system controls (e.g., autosectionalizing, fast-valving, etc). The guide includes a section on emerging technologies (e.g., IEC 61850) and their application to automatic reclosing. Supplementary information is comprised of annexes containing a bibliography of technical literature concerning reclosing as well as a brief history of the use of automatic reclosing.


Revision Standard - Active. Current reclosing practices for transmission and distribution lines are described. Application considerations and coordination practices of reclosing are also discussed. (An errata is available at

Document History

  1. IEEE C37.104-2012


    IEEE Guide for Automatic Reclosing of Circuit Breakers for AC Distribution and Transmission Lines

    • Most Recent
  2. IEEE C37.104-2002

    IEEE Guide for Automatic Reclosing of Line Circuit Breakers for AC Distribution and Transmission Lines

    • Historical Version