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    • PC37.04/D6.1, Sep 2018 - APPROVED DRAFT
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This standard applies to ac high-voltage circuit breakers with rated maximum voltage above 1000 V. It establishes a rating structure, preferred ratings, and construction and functional component requirements. This standard encompasses: - Three pole circuit breakers used in three-phase systems - Single pole circuit breakers used in single-phase systems - Attachments for these circuit breakers, such as bushings, current transformers, interlocks, shunt trips, etc. and auxiliary equipment sold with the circuit breakers such as closing relays and structural steel supports. This standard does not cover circuit breakers used at frequencies other than 50 Hz or 60 Hz, or generator circuit breakers that are covered in IEEE Std C37.013.


Revision Standard - Active. This standard covers the rating structure for all high-voltage circuit breakers, which include all voltage ratings above 1000 V ac and comprise both indoor and outdoor types. Preferred ratings are also provided. Typical circuit breakers covered by these standards have maximum voltage ratings ranging from 4.76 kV through 800 kV, and continuous current ratings of 600 A, 1200 A, 2000 A, 3000 A, and 4000 A associated with the various maximum voltage ratings. The rating structure establishes the basis for all assigned ratings, including continuous current, dielectric withstand voltages, short-circuit current, transient recovery voltage, and capacitor switching, plus associated capabilities such as mechanical endurance, load current, and out-of-phase switching. This standard does not cover generator circuit breakers, which are covered by the rating tables of IEEE Std 62271 37-013.