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This standard establishes specific calibration and calibration-related requirements for portable radiation protection instruments used for detection and measurement of levels of ionizing radiation fields or levels of radioactive surface contamination. For purposes of this standard, portable radiation protection instruments are those battery-powered instruments that are carried to a specific facility or location for use. Count rate meters and scalers, when used with an appropriate detection probe for quantifying activity, can be considered portable radiation protection instruments and should be treated as a single unit for the purposes of this standard.


- Active. Testing, calibration, and calibration frequency requirements for portable radiation detectors used to directly measure alpha, beta, photon, and neutron radiation are defined. Also defined are the calibration and testing requirements for alpha and beta-gamma measurements of surface contamination levels using portable radiation detectors. Portable radiation detectors may be battery or line powered.

Document History

  1. IEEE/ANSI N323AB-2013


    American National Standard for Radiation Protection Instrumentation Test and Calibration, Portable Survey Instruments

    • Most Recent
  2. IEEE/ANSI N323A-1997

    American National Standard Radiation Protection Instrumentation Test and Calibration, Portable Survey Instruments

    • Historical Version