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This guide describes methodologies for electrostatic discharge (ESD) testing of electronic equipment. The test methods and parameters described herein are chosen for standardization and repeatability of test results. This guide also recommends test criteria for evaluating equipment exposure and response to ESD. This guide does not set ESD test limits nor deal with equipment transient response to lightning, high-voltage breakdown, dielectric withstand, power line corona, or nuclear electromagnetic pulse.


New IEEE Standard - Superseded. Based upon ESD events on electronic equipment in actual-use environments, a process to establish ESD test criteria is provided. Test procedures for highly repeatable ESD immunity evaluation of tabletop and floor-standing equipment are described. Simulator characteristics for hand/metal and furniture ESD testing are specified both for air and contact discharge methods. Statistical criteria is given to determine the number of test trials required, based on the confidence factor desired and various pass/fail categories. This ANSI ESD guide has been harmonized with other international ESD standards except where other standards have technical approaches that would reduce equipment quality or result in degraded product operation.